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Mojo Jagdrucksack Decoy Bag

159,99 €*

Produktnummer: 5153
Hersteller: Mojo Outdoors
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Produktinformationen "Mojo Jagdrucksack Decoy Bag"

Wasserabweisende Außenseite
Bemoostes Eichenblätter Camo
Für ihre gesamte Ausrüstung
6V Akkufach
Aufbewahrung für Stangen
Maße: ca. 35 x 20 x 55 cm
Volumen: ca. 25 Liter


MOJO® dipped its feet in the bag line pond with the launch of the Flock A Flicker™ Bag in 2017, which turned out to be a hit because it was something the consumer wanted and needed, and it was a quality product specifically designed for its use.  With innovation and quality being top priorities, MOJO® is proud to extend the launch of their first ever bag line into 2018.   

The MOJO® Double Decoy Backpack was crafted with a durable water resistant material in the Mossy Oak® BLADES camo (orange interior), maximizing comfort and convenience.  Holds at least 2 full size Elite Series™ King Mallard™ spinning wing duck decoys + poles, extra 6V rechargeable batteries, padded shoulder straps and back pads and wing slots.

Features include:

+ Oversized 6V battery pockets

+ Water Resistant and durable material in Mossy Oak® BLADES camo with orange interior

+ Holds 2 full size decoys + poles

+ Cooling back pads

+ Ribber mesh zippered interior pockets

+ Exterior molle webbing

+ Mesh interior pockets for additional accessories or decoy wings

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